Launch Pod

South-West London housing provider RHP Group is soon to be launching their innovative new modular home product ‘LaunchPod’. The prototype of the 26sqm one bedroom apartment was the first home to be made in Legal and General’s revolutionary factory in Leeds. This building method uses high quality materials and ensures faster construction, a more eco-friendly build and a marked development cost reduction compared with traditional builds.

RHP will be using the homes to break into the intermediate market – helping the growing group of people who don’t qualify for social housing but are priced out of the private market.

The clever use of space means that the homes can incorporate many of the features of a much larger flat with the space being made to work hard.  Key priorities included  dedicated space for cooking, eating, sleeping, washing, and studying or work, as well as to store essential items and to have visitors during the day, evening or to stay overnight.  RHP were adamant throughout the R&D process that they did not want to use space saving gimmicks such as fold down beds that are maintenance heavy and typically associated with small spaces. Their aim throughout was to provide high quality accommodation that did not compromise on quality or the feeling of space.

Team: Michael Pugh, Sam Clarke, Will Wimshurst. Photography by Andrew Holt.

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Client: RHP

Project Status: Concept/Planning

Budget: n/a