Hampton Pools

Hampton Pool Trust has every reason to feel pleased with itself having managed to survive successfully for over 30 years after saving the pool from closure. Through the work of the Trust, the community of Hampton has a tremendous facility for all to enjoy. It is a real success story of the power of determination and community action in saving valuable community assets.

The proposal is to create a revitalised community building that is both financially and environmentally sustainable and to ensure that this unique facility can continue as a community asset for future generations to enjoy.

The proposed work looks to extend and improve the existing building facilities, create a fully accessible community building and upgrade the failing and outdated services with suitable sustainable technologies.

Team: Alex Zimmermann, Bianca Amerini, Leonardo Pelleriti, Michael Pugh, Phil Hurrell, Will Wimshurst. 

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Client: Hampton Pools

Project Status: Planning

Budget: £5m