Flint House

Located within a conservation area and adjacent to a listed building this project significantly remodels and extends a 200 year old locally listed cottage in South Creake, Norfolk. It creates a high quality rural retreat that acknowledges the buildings rich history whilst delivering a scheme that affords all the benefits of modern living.

The design was conceived in response to the heavy use of flint work in the area and the existing building. We sought to explore how this material could be used inventively to express the local geology whilst creating unique spatial experience.

Flint work is inherently labour intensive and requires skilled craftsman but as such affords the opportunity to express the builders authorship. Whilst flintwork can vary considerably within the space of just a few miles in its application and aesthetic appearance its use can broadly be placed within the category of knapped and unknapped (whole).

The single storey side extension houses the main dining room whose envelope is formed of two free standing walls with glazed links either side and a sliding door system that opens to a sunken garden to the south. The northern wall, most visible in townscape terms is formed of whole flint and read as a return of the existing envelope. The western wall, whose internal face is visible as one enters the new space is treated as a feature wall and reverses the tradition flint as an external surface, utilizing knapped flint internally with a deep blue tone that washed with natural light throughout the day provides an ever-changing point of fascination.

Within the main body of the building a new master bedroom was created with a glazed gable end. The staircase was reformed and in detailed conjunction with two new rooflights above help bring light deep into the plan. A new roof was required and offered the opportunity to open the ceilings creating a generous sense of space in what were once a sequence of cramped rooms. Special attention has been given to use of timber throughout utilising a palette of oaks and give a sense of continuity throughout.  



Client: Private

Project Status: Complete

Budget: £300k