We are delighted to have been invited to become part of London School of Architecture!  

Architectural Education and Architectural practice are inextricably linked, after all we all spend at least 7 years formally training; but as some have highlighted there often exists a polarisation between practices seeking ‘oven ready’ architects and architectural education often positioning itself to challenge the status quo of built form in the pursuit of innovation. Beyond this the state of our university system currently leads to graduates amassing debt that they are unlikely to be able to pay back over the course of their professional career. This situation formed the catalyst for Will Hunter to establish a different model of education where students operate part time in practice, alleviating some of the financial pressures whilst drawing in a range of the capital’s leading architectural firms - small/medium and large - to support it’s students and participate in critical debate. We are very excited to partake in this journey with the LSA and develop a working relationship; we have as much to learn from the students as we have to offer them; and look forward to engaging with passionate architectural minds!

We will leave you with a few words from LSA founding director Will Hunter:

“We want the innovations that the students design, not to be motivated by mere formal novelty, but about how architecture performs spatially, choreographs relationships and creates experiences. At its most poetic architecture is human ritual spatialised; and at its most prosaic it is an assembly of parts. We want our students to be adept at moving between these two modes of expression to create architecture truly befitting of our times.”