Barilla Competition

The site represents an invaluable asset for Barilla’s business and expansion as one of the most important food production chains in the world. The strategic location along the A1 motorway is a catalyst for strong visibility from one of the busiest traffic arteries in western Europe, connecting the northern Italian cities to the rest of the continent. To the far east of the complex, there is the area of the new Pavilion, to become the “Core” and magnet element to bring together the company itself and the people.

WP proposed an innovative pavilion that hinged on the proposal of a canopy sheltering an array of flexible spaces, for a restaurant, offices events and experience spaces. Located on axis to the existing office buildings, the pavilion aimed to create a visual and physical connection to the existing, with the radially organisation to creating a central sheltered focal point.

Team: Leonardo Pelleriti, Cristina Sanchez Pastor, Michael Pugh, Robert Buss

Parma, Italy

Client: Barilla

Project Status: Competition Entry